y passion for nature started when I was a small child in my mother's gardens and the lake and forest I grew up by. I love how a garden can melt away the rest of the world, reveal beauty and surprises with such intimacy, offer simple solutions that can create real abundance, and gift the most succulent strawberries and tomatoes. Upon leaving an engineering profession to live in the redwoods, powerful experiences reset my compass. My knowledge of permaculture became wildly enhanced by my work with Sepp Holzer. Now one can create a paradise faster and easier than ever before and beyond their wildest dreams. All the world's problems truly can be solved in a garden. I'm available for consultations, speaking engagements, classes, design, and installations. M
 obin is deeply, intimately, and passionately connected with nature. A devoted love affair. A lone wolf, wild woman, following rivers running wild, running deep. A wild brewer and alchemist. Always becoming.. Nature is her lover. R