The design ideas covered will surely endear through a gardener’s lifetime. The magic of creating and imagining a space for your Joy, vitality, nutrition, and spirit of place will be enhanced. Solutions to vitality, passive irrigation, Edible Forest gardening, Urban and large scale naturescapes, and imaginative techniques will permeate the class. Learn planting design and strategies for your own slice of heaven. Bring your dreams for your own place. Whether on your farm, your land, or in your own backyard, permaculture practices are nothing short of revolutionary and takes giant leaps toward not only toward self sufficiency but bringing paradise to life. PERMACULTURE october 14 sat 9-12
 Chad Johnson has traveled, worked, and learned intimately with Sepp Holzer in many settings over three years and is bringing this work forward. Immensely grateful, he is now sharing these practices and imparting the knowledge he's gained during this immersion. Learning to read nature and work with the elements is an empowering, exciting, and imperative in our relationship with gardening, agriculture, landscape regeneration, and ourselves. This workshop will give you the insight and hands on experience that does not come through a book. We will cover site assessment and design, pond making, bonesauce (deer and browsing deterrant), mushrooms, and earthworks outlining terraces, hugelbeds and waterways as time allows. Come learn how to create your own slice of heaven. All learning levels welcome.